'Raindance' Single & Music Video Release

From the team that brought you ‘The Hu’ presents the much anticipated first single and accompanying music video, Raindance, by independent artist, Ameera, from debut album New World. Raindance is available across download and streaming services now.

Ameera is the alter-ego of British born, vocalist and composer, Gemma Ameera, known for her unique music, genuine nature and for residing among dense Rainforests in the Shires of Australia. 

At 7 Ameera started learning the piano before moving to Australia, age 11 she was writing her own songs and by 13 was living in Dubai with management by Paul Widger (Craig David), where she was given the nickname ‘Ameera’ which means princess in Arabic. 

For the last 10 years, Ameera has been living and working as a songwriter in Australia, earning herself ‘Best Folk Song’ award at the Australian Independent Music Awards. Ameera uses her experience of toplining for artists across vast genres and of composing music for games, TV and short films.

Growing up across the World inspired Ameera to create unique, uplifting and healing music. Music that inspires a deeper connection and primal instinct in today’s modern World. The music Ameera makes can be commercially described as Tribal, World, Electronic, Celtic, Cinematic, New Age and Soundscape and for that reason, Ameera created the genre 'New World' to capture her sound.

After the unfortunate passing of Ameera’s mother in 2018, Ameera turned her emotions into music, but this time for herself. She dived into experimentation inspired by cultures and researched historical instruments and foreign music theory. 

We always need evolution in music, we need music to continue to unite us. Since our primitive beginning’s, music has always brought together community, ceremony and tribe. I listen to this music and it gives me goosebumps, it moves me, and I hope that it will translate to others.”

The first single Raindance started from a sample of an Indonesian instrument named the Gamelan. Ameera visualised the sound to be similar to rain and built the entire track around the idea of a thunderstorm. Ameera sings in Arabic which translates to “rain down Universe” in English.

“The energy of this track is so palpable; I must have been about halfway through writing it when I realised, I was creating a Raindance.”

Raindance streaming links can be found HERE and the accompanying music video can be viewed HERE.