'BLOOM' Single & Music Video Release

International recording artist Ameera, releases Bloom, her third and most thought-provoking single, from her debut album New World. Available across download and streaming services HERE. The song was written about the bloom of life and death and how the trauma, peace and transformation life and death bring is perhaps a mirror of one another. Bloom, the third single from New World, is released today, the 22nd of April 2021, on the three-year anniversary of Ameera’s Mum’s passing. 

Bloom is about life and death and how we all grow and ‘Bloom’ through our experiences and individual lifetimes. What is interesting specifically about this track is how Ameera paints a song musically rather than describing it. All of the instruments represent the blooming of life. 

With Bloom, I opened up and added instruments in a way that sonically represents the blooming of a flower – the bridge dances around chords without key signature before returning to its final state of bloom where I sampled wind-up toys and hit pens and pans to create organic sounding percussion.

- Ameera

Ameera’s Mum passed away in 2018. It was a precious moment as Ameera had slept next to her all night holding her hand, listening to her breathing. Her Mum told her she did the same when she was born. After her Mum passed, all Ameera could think about was both birth and death, and how devastating Vs beautiful these moments are; and how they connected in some strange, traumatic, transformative and life changing way.

We aren’t too dissimilar from the bloom of a flower. We sprout up, spend our time blooming into the best version of ourselves, we cop damage, we attempt to survive, and we wither away slowly back into the Earth, continuing the cycle once more. 

- Ameera

Ameera realised after such excruciating loss, that people are open to talk about birth; but quick to avoid discussing death. Both events are pivotal in everyone’s life and if openly discussed could create community, rather than separation and loneliness. Ameera’s own journey with accepting death was to encapsulate her experience with it by writing a song and thus ‘Bloom’ was born. Ameera composed Bloom over two months and continued to push herself to compose the piano in a way she had never done before. Every part of the process was challenged, Ameera wanted to give this topic the musical emotion it deserved.

This is by far, my most favourite piece of work to date. The best creative moments come to you as if you are a conduit. This song is quite simply about the circle of life and death, and the absolute transformation it can behold.

- Ameera

The music video is directed as visual art representing the meaning of ‘Bloom’, whilst successfully embodying Ameera’s entire concept album of a ‘New World’. The colour red symbolises life and the black death throughout. The roses and three models represent the innocence and beauty of life. 

With such a connection to the track, Ameera played a huge part in curating, directing and producing the perfect accompanying music video of the piece. For months she sourced her dream team, to give the song the music video it deserved. 

Production company, Rosanna Cine, worked alongside Ameera on how best to symbolically represent Bloom in the most artistically visual way. The symbolic shots represent both separation and attachment; life Vs death, and pictures Ameera as an era-less, ethereal creature in-between both are utterly mesmerising.

Stylist ‘Sara De La Cruz’ sourced the outfits from Paris Fashion Weeks’ designer ‘Aleem Yusuf’ and headpieces by contemporary millinery designer ‘Rebecca Share’. Sara created a look whereby Mother Mary met the Viking angel of death and placed the entire concept in a new World. 

Makeup & hair looks by ‘Ashlie Norris’ were also well thought out, with long natural locks indicative of primitive beginnings. Ashlie completed two contrasting looks for Ameera representing hollow eyes and death Vs a complete golden body for life. 

You can stream and download Bloom in full HERE.