Ameera releases her vinyl pre-order and free NFT for the first 100 customers.

"New World is art, composed for our hearts and souls, calling our primal instincts home and transporting us to otherworldly lands where we can believe anything is possible. It’s a time to dream, a time to be, a time to live and a time to find all the answers that reside within. The entire Universe bottled, for us to take in. A New World for the great awakening." - Ameera

International Songstress Ameera celebrates the release of New World’s limited-edition vinyl by offering an exclusive NFT with the first 100 pre-orders, available from 14th of May 2021.
The album is available to purchase as a CD or 12” vinyl in two different designs and with each purchase, there is also the option to receive them signed with a personal message, see HERE.

New World by Ameera, is her first NFT, based on the New World album artwork. In addition to the animated cover the NFT includes an exclusive stripped back original sound byte named HEAL, not available on the album. The sound byte is composed to loop endlessly for meditation, prayer, worship or ritual.

Ameera’s third single ‘Bloom’, released April 22nd, has already reached over 15,000 views on YouTube, over 70,000 across all streaming services and won 'Best Original Song' at The Cassette Awards in April 2021.

There is only a small run available; never to be printed again. The pieces come numbered and can include a personal signed message from Ameera at checkout.

Ameera created the genre ‘New World’, as a natural evolution and progression of World Music. Ameera’s sound explores multiple styles, sounds and textures from around the World with a unique sonic fusion inspired by exotic rhythm and the four elements Earth, Water, Air and Fire. 

Ameera draws on spiritual beliefs, history, ideologies and cultures and expresses them lyrically. Ameera hopes to base her thesis; on further investigating her born genre ‘New World’.

The decision to create the NFT for the release of the pre-order was due to the huge amount of feedback on Ameera’s socials after she posted an animated version of the album cover HERE

"I wanted to be able to give the animation back to those who support by purchasing this vinyl. There have been so many artists recently selling archived images or their own collaborations as NFTs and I wanted to give back to my supportive tribe by offering the animation for free." - Ameera

Vinyl and CD's are available to pre-order now HERE, be quick with limited numbers available.